Wehs Lahr

Great Skies

In the days of old, before the Dragonsong War ravaged the northern lands, a group of likeminded people journeyed together to hunt, scout, and protect their local settlements from the creatures of the wilderness. Calling themselves "Wehs Lahr," Dragonspeak for "great skies," these people made a name for themselves as talented hunters in the days where mankind and dragons were at peace, finding their place to be in the outdoors - ever in the presence of the heavens above.As the embers of the Dragonsong War were stoked and fighting emerged between the dragons and Ishgardians, the group, and its name, faded to obscurity, becoming no more than a whisper between those who met them.Now, on the other side of the War, the group has emerged once again. A descendant of one of the original members has kept records of their deeds safe, and seeks to bring the name back to its former glory. A new company has formed, specializing in the hunting of monsters, and the crafting of new tools and items.

The Gathering Hall

The Gathering Hall lies in the fourteenth ward of Mist, on the hills at the fifteenth plot. In addition to being the base of operations for the hunters of Wehs Lahr, it is also open for those unaffiliated with the group itself as a place to gather and prepare for upcoming jobs - if not to find said jobs at the Hall itself. Inspired by the foresty landscapes of the wilds, the garden is full of trees and other flora, with seats spread out among them. A stall with training weapons stands on the grounds as well, for those who wish to take a few swings on the nearby dummy. A larger campfire has been built in front of the entrance to serve as a source of warmth for those preferring the fresh air of the outdoors.

Top Floor

The top floor of The Gathering Hall houses a compact bar which sells a variety of beverages, as well as meals to sate hunger. The balcony overlooks the hall, with cushions surrounding a hearth to allow for seating in a more open space. The wall of growth surrounding the hall gives the air a lush and refreshing smell. The three stuffed dhalmel overlook the hall, bringing some light to their surroundings with the lanterns they carry in their mouths. On the other side, another stuffed animal—a gagana—flexes its wings with the backlight of lanterns to spread additional light to the hall.

Ground Floor

Nature is brought inside with overgrown plants hanging down the walls, and the large windows are a means to let the natural light of the sun through. The middle floor has the entrance to the whole hall, and one will quickly notice the stuffed gagana stood partway up the grand staircase. The entrance floor is very open, giving a sense of freedom of movement, and is well-suited as a place to gather one's group together before setting out on a hunt. To the left upon entry is the long desk; hunts and other requests made by The Gathering Hall can be found here. Across from that are the stairs leading to the bottom floor—the Crafter's Hall. By the stairs is the door leading to the additional rooms, which offer other facilities for guests, such as the sauna or the library.

Bottom Floor

The Crafter's Hall. Within this large basement, the resident roegadyn craftsman, Master Smith, develops his crafts alongside his colleagues, and brings new weapons to the test on the training dummies. Not only weapons are created here, however; a wide array of ideas come to life here, and the majority of them are sold to maintain the establishment. Those unaffiliated with Wehs Lahr are free to make use of these facilities, provided they bring their own materials, skills, and keep to the rules. A small wooden section in the middle of the hall has been devoted to the testing of equipment, either against the dummies or live opponents - though the staff will have no serious fighting take place within Company grounds.

Other Rooms

The Cabin

The cabin is reserved for those who are in a dire need of rest, primarily those who hunt for Wehs Lahr. Those who wish for a more quiet and relaxed conversation should find themselves in here, should there be no occupants at the time.

The Library

The library contains many shelves of books with information about Eorzea and other parts of the world—mainly its beasts and monsters, but maps of certain areas and their history appears as well.

The Infirmary

The infirmary is for those who are wounded, either during hunts, or at the hall itself due to training accidents. Should the cabin be full, and should there be no wounded in need of attention, it can also serve as additional resting quarters.

The Free Company

The Free Company, Wehs Lahr, is a light to medium-level roleplay group. While it is not actively recruiting, people who wish to join could potentially do so if they are fit for the group. Wehs adheres to the lore of the setting, and while there is plenty of room for creativity, it will not be accepting character concepts that have the potential to contradict the given lore. This includes concepts such as White/Black Mages, full-fledged Dragoons, characters with more than three soul crystals in active use, and otherwise characters that we deem incompatible with the view of lore within the Free Company. We wish for those in the Company to be able to easily interact with each other, and having a similar understanding of the setting and its limitations help facilitate this.While there is no set event schedule or any expectations of officers to make weekly events, any member can make an event for the rest of the group if they so desire. The events can be everything from hunts to fun gatherings in the hall itself, so long as it follows the general theme of the Company.Wehs is a place to generate roleplay between people, and so we focus on each individual being able to create events for the FC at their own pace, and within their own comfort zone; the officers are there to assist in the creation of events and ideas rather than being the only source of RP - Wehs is a team effort, and we wish for our members to feel a part of the group both IC and OOC.

The Hunting Board

The Hunting Board serves as a motivation for roleplayers to venture to The Gathering Hall and meet other roleplayers, and potentially find a common goal and connect. It can also provide a character with a behind-the-scenes or off-screen way of earning money.Players are free to imagine up their own hunts as long as it stays realistic to the game world and the type of hunts Wehs Lahr would give out. Use the in-game Centurio and Grand Company hunts for inspiration; Wehs mostly deals in hunts similar to one, two, and three-star hunts. (That being said, we can't assure all people stay true to this request.)During Wehs' Open House nights, there will be more specific job requests available, ranging from simple extermination jobs to the gathering of materials in the wild; these are meant to be hooks to allow characters to take more specific jobs, and perhaps even team up to handle them.These will not be DM'd by the members of Wehs Lahr unless specifically stated otherwise - it's up to those who take the jobs what they do with these hooks. They can be DM'd by someone in a group if they wish to give it an attempt, or simply be done off-screen. The purpose of these hooks at Open House nights is simply to attempt to generate roleplay between people - Wehs supplies the hooks, but it's up to the individuals how they use them.

Info for Members


Members who join Wehs Lahr will eventually receive their own nickname. As you take part in roleplay and member-made events, you will gain points towards this goal.The nickname will be decided by the officers; it will be short and is meant to fit the character by taking their personality and skills into consideration. The nickname is not meant to be demeaning, but rather something fun between the members, and seen as a sign of respect for becoming a Wehs Lahr "veteran."However, if the player highly disagrees with the nickname, it can be reconsidered among the officers, and if the player does not want a nickname at all, it will not be given to them.

Hunters & Crafters

Assigning your character as a Hunter, Crafter, or both will influence your role in events.A Hunter fights the monster using their own weapons. They can keep the monster at bay, or make them advance in different directions.A Crafter is in charge of setting up weapons to aid in taking down the monster, as well as traps for the hunters to lure the monsters into.Both of these roles can play important parts within events made by members, and affect how any given event is approached - though this is, of course, up to the one creating and running the event.